About Us

Where did it all begin? Est. March 2020 (I know, bad timing, right?)

SouthWest Fetish Men (SWFM) is a social group for men located in the South West of England who like to wear Leather, Rubber, Denim, Uniforms etc to meet other like minded people. Our primary goal is to unite fetish men and ultimately create a community where people can feel safe and secure.

Where did it all begin?

Shortly after the crowing of Mr Leather 2020, Jon Stockton conversed with Ben, Jay & Jonathan mentioning that he wanted to bring a spark back to the South West Fetish Community. We threw some ideas back and forward until eventually we set on one simple idea: South West Fetish Men. A social group for every fetish regardless of which fetish/kinks people were into. Be that Leather, Rubber, Denim, Uniforms or something completely different entirley.


Membership to SouthWest Fetish Men is free of charge. We run on a strictly not-for-profit basis. Any surpluses are either reinvested into the events or donated to local charities that assist LGBTQ+ people in the South West.

We do raise funds for things such as Posters, Flyers and Website Hosting by either setting up a door charge to some of our events or accepting donations. Fear not, most of our events are free of charge.

Can I get Involved?

Short answer – Yes.

This website is here to make sure that everyone is able to keep connected with the latest news and updates from the fetish scene across the South West. If you have not already done so you can join our Facebook Group by clicking Here. (Fear not, the group is private so will not show up on your public profile) You can also get in contact with our Contact form.

The Club Logo

The South West Fetish Men logo was created by Jonathan to highlight what we are. It shows a rope exterior with extracts of the Leather and Rubber pride flags. In the centre you will find a picture of a boot. To Jonathan, the boot represented a bit of every fetish…

Leather, Rubber, Pups, Doms, Subs… what do they all have in common? They all wear boots!

– Jonathan