The Team

Come and meet the people behind the logo. South West Fetish Men would be nothing without these guys. Find out a little bit about them below!

Meet the people behind the logo


Meet Jonathan

Hi, I’m Jonathan. I have been on the fetish scene in the SouthWest for around 5 years (Primarily in Bristol) and wanted to get involved with South West Fetish Men to help put the South West back onto the fetish maps.

I started out as a Rubber boi, with a large turning towards Sports Kit but have recently found a love of Leather. Specifically the full BLUF look!

My favorite piece of gear is my Rubber Tank Top. It was my first bit of kit and is still going to this day!


Meet Ben

Hello! I’m Ben, and I exploded onto the Bristol fetish scene in 2016 and haven’t looked back.

Originally a rubber boy, I’m now mostly seen wearing leather, but I’m into all things tight, smooth or shiny really.

Bristol is fortunate to have some really good fetish events, but in terms of socials, it has recently been dominated mostly by rubber, and so I wanted to help Jonathan and Jay organise something explicitly (🙊) welcoming of all kinks and fetishes. Help us make it a success please! 😘


Meet Jay

Hi, I’m Jay. I have been on the fetish scene for quite a while (all round the country). I felt the South West was under represented by fetish events and want everyone to embrace their gear in social environments. So by being a part of this group and helping organise events etc. We can put the South West on the map for being kinky!

My fetish is primarily leather, and my favourite piece is my leather trousers that have a zip all the way round for easy access/fresh air 🙂

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